Above Ground Pools



Benefits and Features:

  • 7-inch multi-ribbed steel top ledges
  • Steel uprights with modern design & superior protection
  • Two-toned ledge cover made from reinforced composite polypropylene resin
  • Resin bottom plate with integrated foot cover for better fit
  • Dorado wall pattern - a pleasing look with the sand frame
  • Heavy corrugated wall with superior coatings
  • Easy to assemble
  • Yard extender system for oval pools
    • a series of practically invisible lateral supports placed in the ground, leaving more yard space



Benefits and Features:

  • Rugged 7" top rail and 5 1/2" vertical supports treated with Texture-KoteTM all-weather protective coatings
  • 2 piece resin connector and foot cover for precise fit and finish
  • Extra deep wall corrugation with exclusive ProtectolocTM Triple Wall Coating withstands even the harshest elements.
  • Wall core made with heaviest gauge of steel available in the industry and double Quadra-Fold wall joints provide eight thick layers of steel at the closure
  • Stabilizer support system for easy wall installation
  • Coordinated wall and printed frame pattern give a unique and stylish look that will enhance your backyard decor



Benefits Include:

  • Sweeping Tru-Radius top rails
  • Joint cover installed into pool frame
  • Frame manufactured using injection molding resin
    • Reinforced with ribbing on the underside of the pool frame skin
    • Resin is Color ThruTM and UV and impact resistant
  • Bottom plate integrated into 1 1/4" wide resin bottom rail
    • Greater rim strength
  • Designer Pool Wall
    • Distinctive Prelude wall design
    • Perfectly complements any backyard decor



Benefits and Features:

  • Exclusive Protectoloc Triple Wall Coating for all-weather durability, strength and style
  • Extra deep wall corrugation and state-of the-art corrosion protection on the wall and frame
  • Wall core made of the heaviest gauge steel used in the industry
  • Double quadra fold wall that provides eight thicknesses of steel at the closure
  • Independent stabilizer support system for easiest wall assembly in the industry
  • 5-1/4-inch vertical supports
  • Rugged 6-inch top rail